Confused about how to get ready for the transition that could deliver greater business agility, also known as Cloud Computing?

In today’s CAPEX and agility focused environment, Alphawest can help you take that first step towards Cloud Computing, a flexible and scalable solution that lets you better control your IT resources, while reducing costs and maintaining data.

Alphawest has the expertise to help you move your data centre infrastructure and architecture to get Cloud ready, offering the following services:

  • Virtualisation Assessment Service 
  • Data Centre Assessment Service 
  • Storage Assessment 
  • Network and Security Audits


Alphawest can also help you, in conjunction with our parent company Optus Business, work to migrate to Optus Business’ Cloud Solution, known as Optus Elevate.

Why Choose Alphawest to Help You Get Cloud Ready?

  • Get ready to simply consume additional infrastructure as required 
  • Benefit from our Virtualisation and Data Centre specialisations 
  • Better prepare your organisation to help realise Data Centre efficiencies, whilst helping to lower capital costs 
  • Benefit from our accreditations in this area, including our recent CISCO Partner award for outstanding architecture, technical excellence and Sales excellence 
  • Leverage our design and engineering work to migrate to Optus Elevate, accessing Optus' Telecommunications Network and Infrastructure